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Fun-Lugha is a combination of an English and Swahili word referring to the fun to be found in language learning (Lugha=language/s). This is the original Fun-Lugha page that led to and It all started out as a place for Swahili lovers to learn Swahili for free and naturally it just led to bigger and better things.
If looking for free Swahili lessons, go to and knock yourself out! Otherwise, If looking for language services in general, check out which is essentially a one stop shop for all things languages, providing services such as tutoring, translating, interpreting and many more.

16 thoughts on “About…

  1. Lee Hee Jun on said:

    Ur a life saver! Thanks ever so much for this! You’ve just convinced me to finally learn Swahili cuz I’ll be volunteering with Koica this summer in Tanzania. Hope you are free for some one on one lessons, I’ll let you know when I’m ready to start. Much love from Seoul!!

  2. hey am adrian and a tanzanians…..i was searching for a fellow bright tanzanian blogger out there who doesnt concentrate on gossips in bongo..lucky i found you…am your leaders from now….keep it up

  3. hey!i dropped by at last and i like your blog. am looking for something to reblog!lookin forward to fun times with our lovely language! funny naongea kizungu nikisema hivi! 🙂

    • Hi ya!
      Thanks for finally dropping by, take ur pick I hope something manages to impress u ;). Now I too am wondering why am using this ‘foreign’ language he he!
      Asante sana, nakushukuru kwa ‘kusabuskraibu’…lols go figure, who said Swahili was easy!

    • boga on said:

      kingereza si wahali kizungu. wazungu wa ulaya wanatumia lugha nyingi na tofauti kabisa kama kijerumani, kiitaliano, Kifaransa…

  4. I love what you are doing here?

  5. I’m looking forward to learn swahili…i want to register as a swahili student on your blog……

    • Hello Lillian,
      You certainly do not need to register just visit the site and get learning! The website is If looking for some one on one tuition, we have plenty of excellent tutors on our website, You can give me a shout and I’ll sort you out asap.
      Karibu sana!

  6. Funmi Kehinde on said:

    This is great and educative, keep up the good work!

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