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LESSON #55: Je, wajua?…#6

Did you know that all languages begin with the prefix KI- in Swahili? And by virtue of them beginning with this particular prefix, they automatically fall into the KI-VI noun class (only serious Swahili learners will know what I mean by this!)

So a couple of examples for you:

Kiingereza– English

Kijapani– Japanese

Kichina– Chinese

Kihispania– Spanish

Kiitaliano– Italian

Kifaransa– French

Kidachi/Kijerumani- German

Kireno– Portuguese

Kilatino– Latin


And some E. Afrikan languages to add to the mix:

Kikaguru, Kikamba, (I should speak these 2, however….!) Kikikuyu, Kichaga, Kipare, Kijita, Kijaluo, Kiluhya, Kiganda…….


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