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LESSON #58: Methali…#4

‘Mtaka cha uvunguni sharti ainame’

This proverb literally means ‘if you want something that’s beneath the bed you have to bend’ (in order to get it)

And the wider meaning is that if you want something, as in really want something, then you’ve got to break your back, so to speak, in order to get it…nothing comes easy. This is more of a Monday kinda post, cuz I don’t know about you but am never the most motivated person come Monday so a little encouragement could go a long way for me!But had I waited for Monday this post might never have seen the light of day, I’m so bogged down lately that I tend to forget about this little blog of mine-‘samahanini sana’, wish I could post every single day like I used to back when I started.

Anyways, I digress, lets do some vocabulary:

uvunguni – underneath (the bed)

sharti– must

kuinama– to bend/stoop

kutaka– to want

‘Nawatakia wikiendi njema!’


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