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Banana Zorro’s ‘Mama Yangu’

No am not winding you up, his name really is Banana! (in Swahili we’d call him Ndizi!) Name jokes aside (ok not really,there’s more here!), this guy comes from one of the most musically talented families in TZ. His dad is a very respected artist, very cool too. They do gigs together with their band which is super awesome- father/son duos being rare to come by and all.

He dedicated this tune to his mom, who is actually the lady in the video. Sadly she’s passed on but I bet she knew just how much her son cherished and respected her. Am sure you know but just incase you didn’t ‘mama yangu’  means my mom. And if you’ve been taking your mama for granted of late (no phone calls, no visits…) then the least you can do is send her this video- she’s sure to get the message and love you even more for it, it’s called a mother’s heart, they are forgiving that way!



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