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Free Swahili Lessons (happy birthday FL!)

Looks like Fun-Lugha will be a year old (yay!) in 2 days (or is that 1 day since its practically 12am in EA). So in true FL style we are celebrating with a couple of freebies-ok just 1 freebie actually! As usual it is the free Swahili lessons but this time the rules are changing a bit and for reasons best kept to myself (you can ask me privately if really curious!) I’ll only be offering thisto one lucky person from EA. I may end up picking 2 or 3 depending on my generosity-meter but officially lets go with one person.

Now the problem with previous freebie offers is for one reason or another people have been unable to make it for the lessons and out of 2 offers so far, to about 4 people or so, I’ve only managed to teach 1 student (good on you for showing up very dilligently Rebecca!) So this time if somebody does express their interest I hope they do turn up, if not…well you’ll turn me into one very sad person-hope you can live with that 😉 And of cuz if no one’s interested in the whole thing, no sweat, we move on.

Rules are simple, just tell me (via the comment box of cuz) why you need lessons and why thou should be the chosen one but try to use as much Swahili as possible-google translate is rubbish but it will get the job done, fear not. And the number is 3 lessons this time to be done in hopefully 3 weeks time.  We can do it in 1 or 2 if we both have time but 3 is the magic number. If you are in any other country besides TZ then obviously skype is the way to go but if in TZ, Dar in particular then you have a choice of skype or 1 on 1. Just bear in mind that I live along the ridiculously busy and often jammed Bagamoyo road, so please dont ask me to meet you at the Slipway or something crazy like that at some weird hours-have mercy!

And this will be open only until Friday, so yeahs bon chance!

(I am accepting immaginary congratulatory wreaths, bouquets….so there’s your cue 😉 )






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