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LESSON #71: Hadithi, Hadithi…#3 (Fisi na Korongo)

Most of my students should be very familiar with this story. Hope you get the gist of it after reading the vocabulary and phrases and feel free to translate it and put it on the comments section and I’ll be more than glad to correct you.

Listen :

Read along:


Vocabulary & Phrases:


  • Fisi- hyena

  • Korongo- stork
  • Mifupa(mfupa)- bones
  • Mizoga(mzoga)- carcasses
  • Kwa bahati mbaya- by bad luck (unfortunately)
  • Koo- throat
  • Alijitahidi kwa kila njia- he tried every way possible
  • Mgongoni- on the back (body part)
  • Matumaini- hopes
  • Alikosa raha- he was uncomfortable
  • Zawadi- gift
  • Aachame- he opens his mouth
  • Kinywani- inside the mouth
  • Ahadi- promise
  • Bahati- luck (bahati mbaya-bad luck/ bahati nzuri-good luck)
  • Shukuru- be grateful



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