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LESSON #73: English names translated (Majina kwa Kiswahili)

So I was teaching someone today and we came upon the name David and I said “by the way that’s Daudi in Swahili.” Then I had this brilliant idea to teach you the Swahili versions of some common English names.I feel like am cheating cuz most (if not all) of the names am gonna list come from the Bible. And since I grew up reading the Swahili Bible….yeahs piece of cake! Am no name expert but I can pretty much tell you how we’d say your name in these parts even if it doesn’t have its Swahili equivalent. So ask on. (For instance my other name is Elise but most people call me Elisi- how I cringe!)

Onto the list: (grab ur dusty Bibles!)

Adam- Adamu

Eve- Hawa/Eva

Noah- Nuhu

Ruth- Ruthu

Joseph- Yusufu

Jacob- Yakobo

Samuel- Samweli

Esther- Esta

Job- Ayubu

Isaiah- Isaya

Jeremiah- Yeremia

Ezekiel- Ezekieli

Daniel- Danieli

Joel- Yoeli

Amos- Amosi

Jonah- Yona

Peter- Petro

James- Yakobo

Thomas- Tomaso

Matthew- Matayo

Mark- Marko

Luke- Luka

John- Yohana

Timothy- Timotheo

Titus- Tito

Micah- Mika

Zachary- Zekaria

Philip- Filipo

Joshua- Yoshua

Mary- Maria

Mariam- Mariamu

Anne- Ana


I do admit some names are quite ancient but am pretty sure atleast one person is named or knows someone (dead or alive that is!) with at least one of these names. Found your name on the list? You can now go ahead and proudly start using it- don’t be shy!



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