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LESSON #74: Hadithi, Hadithi…#4 (Digidigi Akitazama Ndani ya Maji)

Story (link):

Story (audio):

Msamiati (vocabulary):

Digidigi – dik dik

Jamii – family (category, group)

Swala – gazelle, impala

Pembe – horn (s)

Kila mara – everytime

Kuvingirika – to roll/to curl (zimevingirika- had been rolled/curled)

Kutamani – to desire (wanazitamani- they desire them)

Taswira – picture/appearance

Kulalamika – to complain (akilalamika- he was complaining)

Kufukuza – to try to catch (akamfukuza- he tried to catch him)

Kushinda – to win (kumshinda- to beat him)

Mbio – speed/running

Kukimbiza – to chase (kukimbizana- to chase each other)

Kichaka – bush (kichakani- in the bush)

Kunasa – to entrap (zilinasa- they became entrapped)

Mchongoma – madras thorn

Kuponza – to jeorpadize (zilizoniponza- that put me in jeopardy)


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