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LESSON #75: Understanding Swahili Directions


  • Kulia – right

  • Kushoto – left

  • Upande (pande) – side(s)

  • Mbele – in front

  • Nyuma – behind

  • Moja kwa moja – straight ahead…

  • Kona – corner

  • Tembea – walk

  • Geuka – turn

  • Hatua – step(s)


Sentensi muhimu:


  • Geuka kushoto/kulia- turn left/right

  • Nenda moja kwa moja- go straight ahead

  • Tembea hatua kadhaa- walk a couple of steps

  • Kata/pinda kona- turn the corner

  • Pinda mkono wa kushoto/kulia- turn towards the left/right hand side

  • Tazama mkono wako wa kushoto/kulia- look on your left/right hand side

  • Nenda mbele (kidogo)- go forward (a bit)

  • Rudi nyuma (kidogo)- turn back (a bit)


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