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LESSON #77: Je wajua?…#9

Je wajua there’s words whose spelling  difference is only one letter but the meanings are like day and night? Of course you do as am sure all languages have such words. It’s the same in Swahili so let’s look at the words kula & kura for today.

What do they mean?… 



kula is a verb meaning to eat or simply eat (the infinitive form and verb root being similar in this case) Kula chakula (eat food/to eat food), is the most common phrase used with this verb. However you’ll also hear an expression such as kula kiapo which would literally mean ‘eat an oath’ but actually just means to ‘swear an oath’. There’s plenty of expressions that use the word kula, you can look them up and learn for yourselves.


kura on the other hand is a noun referring to a vote or votes. So you’ll hear expressions such as kupiga kura (to vote),  kuomba kura (to ask for votes) kuiba kura (to steal votes- only in Afrika 😉 )

So there you go, 2 words, almost the same spelling but totally different meanings.  And if anybody struggles with their  r’s and l’s then get practising those 2 sounds cuz that’s the only thing setting these two words apart. Goodluck!


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