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Mwaka mpya nao!

Well, heri ya mwaka mpya, happy new year to you all. We have quite a while to go before midnight here in Dar but we are praying the Good Lord will be kind to us once again! 2013 was the take off year for me and Fun-Lugha and 10 months down the line I gotta say I ain’t doing too shabby! Thanks to my readers, regular ones (I see you @Boga and @Joyce Keeley!) and the not so regular ones. And to my students,asanteni sana kwa kuniamini niwafundishe Kiswahili na hata kunitangazia kwa rafiki zenu, nyinyi ndio mnaniweka mjini, nawashukuru sana! (And dont ask me for translations, what have I been teaching you all year?!!)

Onto resolutions, well its embarassing to say but in the many years I have lived, not once have I made a serious resolution, until today that is-guess I finally managed to grow the hell up 😉 Personally I have big, awesome plans but I won’t be publishing them here for the world to see, as we say around these parts; “wachawi wengi!” But I hope to be updating you on my many achieved milestones so watch this space.

And once again, “nawatakieni heri ya mwaka mpya 2014, uwe wa mafanikio na baraka tele!”. Na kama kawaida yangu nawasihi sana, don’t drink and get behind the wheel, it’s so not cool!

Leaving you with one of my favourite artists this year, don’t strain those ears too much, its not in Swahili! (but if you speak Japanese translations will be well appreciated!)

He’s singing something along the lines of being on the runway and getting ready to fly-don’t know about you but thats me, ready for 2014-bring it on! See you on the other side good people, asanteni sana kwa kutembelea blogu langu, mbarikiwe!


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