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Siku ya Wapendanao (Valentines Day)

Well Valentines Day only made its way to our side of the world around the mid 90s, not that nobody paid any mind to it, just that such people were in the minority. And it wasnt until sometimes after the turn of the century that people really started to cash in on the concept-love & money, forever inseparable hey?!

So anyways if you need to express yourself today and have no idea how to go about it(using this lovely language of ours of cuz) fear not, I’ll risk my very highly regarded reputation (ha!) and play cupid today 😉

So obviously top of your list should be I love you (awws!) which is nakupenda

Next up my lover (or darling or whatever you prefer) is mpenzi wangu

So 1 +2= nakupenda mpenzi wangu

Love would be upendo

We all know there’s no Valentines without flowers,  maua and of cuz chocolate, chokoleti.

And those red little things that shoot out of your eyes when you are with that special someone, we call those mioyo or kopa (which is the name for ace of hearts by the way) Of cuz mioyo is the plural version of that organ that beats erratically at the same time that the red little things shoot out of your eyes, we call it moyo.

And there’s always a lovely dinner involved on such a day, considering it’s the weekend and all. This is called chakula cha jioni.

And lastly, what’s the representative color for today? Rangi nyekundu.

Go on, love and be loved all you can today, YOLO!

Did I leave something out? Ask and thou shalt receive!

Happy Valentines Day!












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