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LESSON #77: Je wajua?…#9

Je wajua there’s words whose spelling  difference is only one letter but the meanings are like day and night? Of course you do as am sure all languages have such words. It’s the same in Swahili so let’s look at the words kula & kura for today.

What do they mean?…  more

LESSON #63: Je, wajua?…#8


You must be familiar with the popular family game, ‘jenga’ as in the tumbling blocks. Funny enough I had my first taste of the game today as that’s how I spent my afternoon, playing solo as usual- story of my life!

But the point of today’s ‘je wajua’ is, did u know ‘jenga’ is a Swahili word? It basically means Read more…

LESSON #57: Je, wajua?…#7

Just like with languages we use the prefix ‘KI-‘ we also follow a similar pattern when it comes to the different nationalities. This time we use the prefix ‘M-‘ or ‘MU-‘ depending on the root of the language name when you remove the ‘KI-‘ (basically if the root begins with a vowel you use MU-), and its pretty much the same thing as with languages. So for example; Kiswahili————> Mswahili. Of course ‘Mswahili‘ is not a nationality per se so lets use similar examples as with the already covered languages and come up with their matching nationalities:

Read more…

LESSON #55: Je, wajua?…#6

Did you know that all languages begin with the prefix KI- in Swahili? And by virtue of them beginning with this particular prefix, they automatically fall into the KI-VI noun class (only serious Swahili learners will know what I mean by this!)

So a couple of examples for you:

Kiingereza– English

Kijapani– Japanese

Kichina– Chinese

Kihispania– Spanish

Read more…

LESSON #38: Je, wajua?…#5

Word to learn: Rede;Marede


Click the link below to learn more about the new word…

EPISODE 34: What in the world…#5.

LESSON #28: Je,wajua?…#4

LESSON #20: Je, wajua?…#3

Phrase to learn:Kula kiapo”

Short sentence example:

Nimekula kiapo

Sikiliza:  …more>>

LESSON #15: Je, wajua?… #2

Swahili Expression:Kumwaga machozi

*Short sentence example:
Nilimwaga machozi …more>>

LESSON #10: Je,wajua?…#1

Another new segment added to the fold! (Je, wajua? =do you know?(formerly known as “what in the world?”) I’ll be tackling a new word, verb, expression etc and explaining its meaning in detail. This will be a segment for every Wednesday, so look forward to learning some new Swahili with me. Any suggestions for a topic are gladly welcome. …more>>

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