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Banana Zorro’s ‘Zoba’

Zoba refers to a fool (in this case a fool in love). Let’s hope all the ‘zoba’ leave their zoba-ish ways behind and start the new month on the right foot, happy new March everyone!… more


Banana Zorro’s ‘Mama Yangu’

No am not winding you up, his name really is Banana! (in Swahili we’d call him Ndizi!) Name jokes aside (ok not really,there’s more here!), this guy comes from one of the most musically talented families in TZ. His dad is a very respected artist, very cool too. They do gigs together with their band which is super awesome- father/son duos being rare to come by and all. Read more…

Snura’s ‘majanga’

When I finally get to start on the Swahili & lyrics segment that’s long overdue,  this tune will definitely be one of the first ones I’ll cover.  It was so popular here in TZ last year (it still is actually) and until now people still refer to the word majanga when things aren’t so good. Majanga is a Swahili word meaning Read more…

Diamond’s ‘Number ones’ (Ngololo!)

This tune’s  been ruling our airwaves for days, and for good reason! Personally I prefer the remix cuz of that added Naija flava, but the original ain’t too shabby either!

The original:

Read more…

Ochu Sheggy’s ‘Kiingereza’

A funny,  satirical sort of tune. ‘Kiingereza’ means English and the guy is saying he can speak English-albeit only after he’s had a drink or two! Tanzanians are well known in EA for not paying that much attention to the English language and this is kind of making fun of that fact.

Barnaba’s ‘Sorry’

Love the raw vocal talent of this guy, no auto tune business or nothing!

Kala Jeremiah’s Dear God

Best way to start off the weekend! This is a prayer in form of a Bongo Flava tune-good stuff, love this guy! Have a good one everyone, ‘msinywe na kuendesha tafadhali’– don’t drink and drive please!

AY’s Mademu Watafutaji

An old tune from a couple of years back. Love it to bits cuz the guy is actually giving a shout out to ladies that hustle, ones that don’t wait to be taken care of. Hustling is the new sexy methinks, right up my street that message is 😉 (and RIP to Langa, Bongo Flava just went and lost yet another power lyricist- Mbele Yako Nyuma Yetu…)

Lady Jay Dee’s ‘Siku Hazigandi’

This is undoubtedly Tanzania’s top female singer and one of East Afrika’s finest-makes me proud to be associated! ‘Siku Hazigandi’ roughly means days (or life in general) does not remain stagnant as in it keeps moving. So basically whatever haters say about her it will all pass eventually-cool message! And RIP to Albert Mangwair, Tanzania’s finest rapper, lala kwa Amani kaka…

Tunda Man’s ‘Dem Sio’


Something to start off your weekend with! Love love the dancing 😉

Dem or demu is Tanzanian Swahili slang for  ‘woman’ or ‘girl’ so the title ‘Dem sio’ (which means not this woman) is referring to the fact that the particular woman in question is not a good woman, she’s all about money and material things!

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